Fashion Trends In The 1920’s That Opened a New World To Women

A few months ago I attended an exhibition at the Malmö City Museum called “Without waist”. It was an exposition about fashion in the 1920’s where they explained that decade through some key events and objects that marked the period.

Today I want to tell you a few of the trends that affected women’s look and style, opening her to the world.

The 20’s were a reaction to the conservative Victorian and Edwardian values. The world became more international, passing from the darkness and the rigid values to the color and freedom. Some talk about the 20’s as a period of Escapism. Continue reading

What’s the Best Sewing Machine for a Beginner?

Choosing the right sewing machine for you is never easy, especially when you are a beginner. There are dozens of models in the market -with very different price ranges. And you can find hundreds of sewing machine reviews online. The problem is that most of those reviews are written by marketers and not by sewers. Sewing machines

That’s why today I’m going to give you a few hints about the features that you will need as a beginner. It’s pointless to spend a fortune in a sewing machine if you don’t know how to use half of the more advanced features. Continue reading

How to make a Tie

Sewing has been always a hobby, so at first I was sewing only for me: dresses, skirts, trousers… however, after a while it has become more than that and now my curiosity to try new things is growing.

I always thought that the most difficult pieces to make would be men’s wear and that I would probably never be enough experienced to make them. Well, I can proudly say that has changed. A few months ago I made my first men’s shirt.

It is complicated because details are more visible so you have to be very meticulous. But at the same time, doing men’s wear is the best way to improve you sewing skills and patience.
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How To Make an Easy Shirt: Kimono Inspiration

If you are a regular reader, you have probably noticed that I have a very simple style. I like simplicity. Simple items are easier to combine and at the same time they are timeless.

Taking a look to kimonos on the internet the other day I felt inspired. Typically, Kimonos have a T shape and the translation from Japanese would be “thing to wear” so I decided to use those two ideas to make a classy but simple summer shirt.

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Cristobal Balenciaga. A revolution for women

Let me tell you a secret… there are not so many designers I love. Sure I like to see what others do as a way to learn and as a way of inspiration but I like to stay aside from what these days we call “fashion”.

The word fashion (from the french ” façon”) used to mean: manner, mode. Nowadays fahion is more refered to a rule. Some dictate what you want to wear and what you should like and with a bit of time and brainwashing it becomes so.

I like to think of fashion as Art and a way of self expression and not something that places you in or out of society. Continue reading

How to Make a Stylish Bag for your Laptop

A year ago I got  a little computer for my birthday.

Only when I travel I remember I have no travel bag to protect it and I am force to carry it in the protection plastic bag it came in. I know, it is not very stylish but you only remember some things right in the moment you need them.

After looking around for a bag in many different shops , I decided that the prices were too ridiculous to buy anything and I promised myself to sew one.

Ok, it has been a while since that promise, I’ve been procrastinating a little bit,  but today I finally found in my fabrics box something that inspired me enough to start making my own computer cover. Continue reading

An easy change in a dress to give it a new air

I have amazing friends. They’re not dozens but the group of people that I call friends are really lovely and amazing.

A few weeks ago my generous friend Yuka  gave me two dresses that used to belong to her sister and now were abandoned in her closet. Yuka has a very funny personality (if you speak some Japanese you can follow her blog) and  I love her style: simple but trendy. Continue reading

3 Sexy Ways of Wearing a Large T-Shirt

I though Christmas was over. However, yesterday I received a nice surprise. In December I had ordered a christmas present to myself: a beautiful Glass Siren printed t-shirt.

It is as amazing as I had imagined. A little piece of art and 100% cotton.

Unfortunately, there is an issue with it. The smallest size Glass Siren produces is M, which for a man would have been a perfect size but for me it is too big. Continue reading

Christmas: 5 sustainable gift ideas

Christmas is coming. I bet you didn’t know ;)

It is that time where you spend a lot of money in presents for the people you love.
Sometimes we go crazy and we buy like there’s no tomorrow. Very often we even forget the meaning and purpose of those gifts.

When it comes to presents, I used to be like everybody else: crazy about getting new stuff, no matter  its utility or meaning. I couldn’t understand my mum’s idea of  “practical presents” , for me that was some kind of contradiction.

But I’m a grown up now and at some point I finally understood and shared my mum’s point of view. Continue reading

Cool ideas to wrap your Christmas presents: eco wrapping

Have you already bought your all your presents for this season?

Sometimes it’s crazy, isn’t it? So many gifts to buy (or make) and then you have to wrap them all.

In this post I’m going to show you the best way to have fun wrapping your Christmas presents.  And -what’s more important-  they are eco-friendly alternatives.
This way  can enjoy a family time with presents & love without generating so much  waste.
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