How to Make a pleated skirt without a pattern

In this post I’m going to show you how to easily make a pleated skirt without patterns and in only 3 hours.

I recently started learning pattern making and I love it.
But at the same time, I have to admit that I don’t always have the patience or the time to make a pattern.  That was the case a few days ago. I was invited to a japanese night at my friend Yuka’s place and I didn’t know what to wear. You know when you open your closet and you feel bored of everything in it? Exactly that’s how I felt.

I checked my fabric box and I found some blue marin satin fabric. Suddenly I found myself dreaming of a little pleated skirt but I only had 4 hours before the party.Me encanta hacer patrones. Puedes crear infinitos modelos. Estoy tan obsesionada con hacer patrones que cuando estoy en el bus o caminando por la calle me quedo mirando la ropa de la gente y hago una imagen mental de como serían los patrones para esa pieza concreta.

Se ha convertido en una especie de adicción sana y divertida.

Al mismo tiempo, tengo que admitir que no siempre tengo paciencia o tiempo para ponerme a hacer un patrón.

Eso fue justo lo que me pasó hace unos días. Mi amiga Yuka celebraba una velada japonesa en su casa y cuando miré en mi armario para ver que me ponía no encontré nada original. Sólo las mismas cosas de siempre. Así que decidí echar una ojeada a mi caja de telas y encontré un satén azul marino.

Con sólo 4 horas antes de que empezara el cumpleaños me ví a mí misma soñando con una pequeña faldita plisada.

Before I learned pattern making, I had already done some skirts without pattern.
Some were more successful than others (there is a fair amount of them I will never wear in public). But there is one I love: With the time running I decided to go for the same idea.
The procedure is very simple. I took the measurement of my waist and decided the length of the skirt ( 45 cm).

How to cut the fabric

I draw in the fabric the waistband and the main piece of the skirt:

73 cm length x 6 cm wide

140 cm x 43 cm

I proceed to cut. I will cut 2 extra centimeters all around the draw lines for the seams and the hem.

Pleated skirt

Now it is time to give shape to my fabric and make the pleats. Since I didn’t use any pattern I just followed my gut. My skirt only has a seam in the back so I placed 4 pleats in the back, 2 very close so it will hide a bit the zipper.

The front has 6 pleats, separated from each other around 5 cm.

Waist & Zipper

The next step was to sew the external side of the waistband to the skirt. I placed an invisible zipper. I sewed the inside of the waist folding it 1,5 cm. I finished the  seam and sewed the hem with the machine ( lack of time).

And this is the result of a 3 hours skirt:

Unfortunately I finally didn’t wear it to the birthday, it was too cold !

Sewing tips

– If you want to give some body and rigidity to the waist use some interlining.

– Placing a zipper is easier than what it seems. The secret is to use a zipper foot in your sewing machine . Here you can find a good explanation video on how to do it: How to sew an invisible zipper

IMPORTANTE: este artículo está siendo reeditado, miesntras tanto puedes visitar la versión en inglés donde encontrarás todas las instrucciones para hacer una falda plisada.


  1. Wow, this is my first time to leave a comment here! So exciting!
    You look so gorgeous with your blue satin fabric skirt and I love how it looks like! Can’t wait to see your next stanning idea and looking forward to seeing it soon!:) xx

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