Fashion Trends In The 1920’s: A New World for Women

A few months ago I attended an exhibition at the Malmö City Museum called “Without waist”. It was an exposition about fashion in the 1920’s where they explained that decade through some key events and objects that marked the period. It was specially striking and interesting how they analysed the fashion trends in the 1920’s and how this decade would be the birth of the modern woman.

Today I want to tell you a few of the trends that affected women’s look and style, opening her to the world.

The 20’s are specially important for women

It was the departure point in their emancipation, freedom and feminine suffrage. Women started being an important part of the society, once the hard times of the Great War (WWI) were left behind.

The 20’s were a moment to have fun, listen to music, play sports, drive fast cars and still stay feminine without the restrictions of morals or clothing. That freedom and search for comfort is reflected in the trends:

Goodbye to the corset

The liberation of a fashion without waist

Short hair

Women feel free, the boysh look takes over. Short hair becomes feminine.

Revolutionary New fibers

Raw silk and rayon become a love story between women and the fibers that are easy to take care of.

Feminine sportwear

Women’s place it is no longer reduce to the house. Women expand their interests to sports activities and they want to be beautiful & comfortable.

Color is back

Movement, happiness and openness translate into colored fashion.

Cloche hat

One of the icons of the 20’s. Created by Caroline Reboux

Legendary Fashion designers

Jeanne Lanvin

Coco Chanel

Jean Patou

una vez que la Gran Guerra (1ª Guerra Mundial) había terminado.

Los años 1920 eran el momento de disfrutar, escuchar música, practicar deportes, conducir rápidos coches de carreras y seguir siendo femeninas sin las restricciones en la moral o el vestir. Esa libertad y la búsqueda de comfort se refleja en las tendencias.

Adiós al corset

La liberación de una moda sin cintura

Pelo Corto

La mujer se siente libre, el look andrógino triunfa. El pelo corto se vuelve femenino.

Nuevas Fibras Revolucionarias

La seda pura y el rayón se convierten en una historia de amor entre la mujer y las fibras que son fáciles de cuidar.

Ropa de Sport Femenina

El lugar de la mujer ya no es sólo la casa. La mujer expande sus intereses a deportes y otras actividades. Quiere sentirse guapa y cómoda a la vez.

Vuelve el Color

Movimiento, alegría y apertura se traducen en moda colorida.

Sombrero Cloche

Un icono de los años 20. Creado por Caroline Reboux 

 Diseñadores de Moda Legendarios

Jeanne Lanvin

Coco Chanel

 Jean Patou

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