Susana Nakatani is a small fashion label with a global presence. Created by its namesake who produces the designs from her base in Malmö, Sweden.

Susana’s flair for textiles, fashion and design was sparked when she filled every spare moment as a child busying herself on a sewing machine crafting outfits for her dolls. Born and raised in the Spanish city of Salamanca, the young seamstress would beg and borrow cast-offs from her family to restyle for her increasingly well-dressed toys.


Susana’s passion for elegant sartorial style became central to her designs, but having lived in many European countries and Northern Africa she brings to her products a unique set of influences. Whether that is the minimalism of Scandinavia, the chic of Paris or the flamboyancy and colours of Northern Africa, she subtly weaves in her personal experiences into her style.

While she has moved on from using her family’s old clothes and curtains, she still has a strong focus on reusing and sustainability.


Every garment and accessory is made individually, designed in Sweden and hand-crafted in Spain. We use recycled materials, leftover fabrics, natural fibres and reused buttons and zippers to create a clean and classic style.

Everything is designed and lovingly made in Europe.