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Susana Nakatani
a little about..

Susana Nakatani

Susana Nakatani is not just a blog. I am concious about what I buy, use and produce. I prioritize handmade and local businesses. I believe this is the most sustainable way of living and developing yourself. 
Respect your own nature, be faithful to your own style and respect the environment. 



Are you looking for an unique, customized, made to measure garment? Contact me and we will bring to life your idea.

Sewing Tutorials

In my bog you can find ideas, tips and tricks to help you develop your sewing skills. If you have any questions or you need any help with your sewing, contact me!


Nothing brings more joy than to learn and the best way of learning and get inspiration is to collaborate. I am open to any professional or artistic collaboration. Don’t hesitate to contact me!