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Nowadays people travel more and more. The world has become really tiny and taking the plane these days is like taking the bus in the old days. That is why it is so important to get tips and ideas for a comfortable trip.

One of my favourite blogs out there is Thinking of travel, a blog that covers all the aspects related to travelling. Because of my husband’s job we travel quite often and I love it so I spend hours reading Steve’s Blog and getting travelling ideas. Steve has a long experience in travelling and it shows.

A very good example was my first trip to USA. I had the luck to get some tips from him about how to move around, hot restaurants, exclusive spots and even weather tips! This really helped making the trip easier, more exciting and interesting.

Even though we are more and more used to travelling, I think it is always a good idea to ask about tips and to exchange experiences. In some cases it can save you time, money and most of all it will wide your possibilities. One aspect that we sometimes neglect is to be comfortable when we travel so below you will find my personal views on how to dress for travelling, I hope it will help you!

1. Comfort

Organic t-shirt by Susana Nakatani

Yahia Organic t-shirt by Susana Nakatani

Whether you are travelling by car, bus, train, plane or donkey, comfort is the key word. You want to

enjoy the ride so keep in mind that if you travel comfortably you will definitely feel better all the way. It is more and more common these days to see people at airports wearing jogging pants and sports clothing. In my opinion, this can be a great option for transatlantic flights but if you want to keep it glamorous you have many other options. I often wear skirts or dresses that are not tight and with an important length. This way I look feminine but my legs don’t feel pressed during long hours.

At you can find a line of casual wear (organic t-shirts) that can be a great option; don’t hesitate to take a look!

2. Be practical

The second golden rule for dressing correctly for travelling is to be practical, here are some ideas to take into consideration:

The onion strategy

Travelling will normally imply that you will be in 2 or more different places in a relatively short period of time. The weather conditions may differ from one place to another or even inside the plane, train or car the temperature may vary. You don’t want to freeze neither to boil so my best advice is that you dress with different layers. This way if it is too hot you can undress or the other way around if the temperature goes down.

The layer strategy it is not only a good way to face different temperatures but also a perfect strategy to make your look more or less dressy depending where you are going and what the occasion requires.

Looking fresh

travel freshWhen choosing your outfit, keep in mind that you will probably spend a few hours sitting. If you want to look fresh all the trip, I would suggest that you choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. Great fabric options can be silk,  wool or eventually cotton. Stay away from linen!

I would also suggest to keep an extra t-shirt, underwear and eventually pants in your hand luggage. You never know when something would be spieled on you or if your plane, train or other would be delayed and your travelling time would be longer than expected. What I normally chose to have as extra is something thin and light that would not take too much space.

Looking sharp

Travelling can be messy. Getting upstairs, carrying luggage, sitting in “not so clean” bus stations or airport seats where a child has been walking with mood boots… The best way to keep a clean appearance? Avoid dressing in white or too light colours. Instead go for strong darker colours, it will always camouflage better any stain.

The skank

Another point to take in consideration when travelling is to choose clothes made of materials that are breathable. You don’t want to be the stinky one in the plane or feel moist during your trip, I personally hate that sensation. In this line the best options are clothes made of natural materials (silk, wool, cotton) or synthetic materials that are breathable like lyocell or acetate.

Tight is toughtight is tough

One of the most important recommendations I would make is to avoid wearing too tight clothing, specially pants. It is not only uncomfortable but also a risk for your health. Sitting for long hours with your veins compressed will have a very bad impact in your blood circulation this will translate into weak and tired legs but also your heart will suffer. If you wear something tight, chose clothing that expands easily or even specially made tights and pants that help your blood circulation.

3. Travel light

travel lightAnother golden rule when travelling is to be as light as possible. I would recommend you to avoid wearing belts or unnecessary accessories. In one hand, airport controls can take a long time since in most countries you will have to take them off ( with the risk as well of forgetting something!). Also when boarding in a plane or sitting in a car, bus or train, the lighter you will be the more free you will feel more free to move, sleep or eat.

4. Travel safe

travel safeMy last tip, but not the least important, is to travel safe. To implement your safety during travelling, I would suggest to avoid wearing high heels. I love high heels, I have a lot of nice pairs but there is a few reasons why I never wear them while travelling. First of all, they are dangerous if you are going to be sitting for a long time since they block your arteries which may cause thrombosis and sometimes even walking would not help you due to the way they are generally built. Secondly,  last thing I want when travelling is to have a small accident like twisting my ankle so I prefer to go for flats.



As you can see, in general if you cross me in an airport I will be looking minimalistic, comfortable and with a smile. Have a nice trip!

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