How to Make a pleated skirt without a pattern

In this post I’m going to show you how to easily make a pleated skirt without patterns and in only 3 hours.

I recently started learning pattern making and I love it.
But at the same time, I have to admit that I don’t always have the patience or the time to make a pattern.  That was the case a few days ago. I was invited to a japanese night at my friend Yuka’s place and I didn’t know what to wear. You know when you open your closet and you feel bored of everything in it? Exactly that’s how I felt.

I checked my fabric box and I found some blue marin satin fabric. Suddenly I found myself dreaming of a little pleated skirt but I only had 4 hours before the party.

Before I learned pattern making, I had already done some skirts without pattern.
Some were more successful than others (there is a fair amount of them I will never wear in public). But there is one I love: With the time running I decided to go for the same idea.
The procedure is very simple. I took the measurement of my waist and decided the length of the skirt ( 45 cm).

How to cut the fabric

I draw in the fabric the waistband and the main piece of the skirt:

73 cm length x 6 cm wide

140 cm x 43 cm

I proceed to cut. I will cut 2 extra centimeters all around the draw lines for the seams and the hem.

Pleated skirt

Now it is time to give shape to my fabric and make the pleats. Since I didn’t use any pattern I just followed my gut. My skirt only has a seam in the back so I placed 4 pleats in the back, 2 very close so it will hide a bit the zipper.

The front has 6 pleats, separated from each other around 5 cm.

Waist & Zipper

The next step was to sew the external side of the waistband to the skirt. I placed an invisible zipper. I sewed the inside of the waist folding it 1,5 cm. I finished the  seam and sewed the hem with the machine ( lack of time).

And this is the result of a 3 hours skirt:

Unfortunately I finally didn’t wear it to the birthday, it was too cold !

Sewing tips

– If you want to give some body and rigidity to the waist use some interlining.

– Placing a zipper is easier than what it seems. The secret is to use a zipper foot in your sewing machine . Here you can find a good explanation video on how to do it: How to sew an invisible zipper

4 Responses to “How to Make a pleated skirt without a pattern

  • Wow, this is my first time to leave a comment here! So exciting!
    You look so gorgeous with your blue satin fabric skirt and I love how it looks like! Can’t wait to see your next stanning idea and looking forward to seeing it soon!:) xx

    • Susana Nakatani
      13 years ago

      Thank you so much Yuka! Now I am even more inspired for the next post and for the dress we are imaging. Hugs!

  • Oh you are TOO cool Lady Su! How do you make a below-knees-pencil-skirt? 🙂

    • Susana Nakatani
      13 years ago

      Maxter the Master, what a honor! I will dedicate you the pencil-skirt post very soon, just for you ! =)

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